Our goal is to make the aorta the unforgettable organ...aortic diseases can turn a previously normal healthy family life on its head...cruelly transforming a life of blissful happiness into tragedy and yet much can be done to detect those who are at risk and intervene before tragedy strikes.

We believe that modern management of aortic disease requires an appropriate team - a multi-disciplinary team of surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, imagers, geneticists - and that these people need to be closely located and to work regularly together for patient benefit.  

In addition, modern aortic care requires the ability to use new technology to minimise the surgical insult. For example stent grafts can repair and aortic aneurysm through one or two small incisions in the groin. This means a much quicker return to home and to normal activities. But new technology means harnessing the new ways of X-raying during surgery - in a combined operating theatre.