My dad died suddenly of an aortic aneurysm in August 2020. He was, otherwise, super fit and healthy. He was also a stubborn 65 year old man who basically never went to the doctor. If he had done, this might have been prevented.

I have since learned that aortic aneurysms cause 5,000 preventable deaths in the UK each year, and are one of the leading causes of death for men over 65.

The Aortic Centre Trust:

- Wants people who are at risk to be aware of the risk
- Wants those who have aortic problems to get the treatment that they need before it becomes an emergency
- Wants to help with research into better treatment and prevention

I’m running the Manchester Marathon in April. If you can, please sponsor me, and afterwards, tell your stubborn older relatives to go to the doctor (at least now and again).

Catherine xx Catherine Atkinson